Increase your sales effectiveness through process & talent optimization

We carefully align people, processes and technology within your business. Our sales effectiveness experts provide the strategies and tools you need to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, following the right processes.

With our sales consulting experience and nuanced industry knowledge, we drive change in compensation and territory alignment, sales process improvement and talent optimization.

Niche Business is uniquely qualified to transform your sales effectiveness from the ground up – because we know what works.

The Niche Pathway

To transform your business, a simple change of prices, employment structure, marketing focus or new web site -rarely creates a successful change.

The Niche Pathway looks at all facets and then creates a Pathway to bring into being the transition  in a smooth and whole company united manner.

ESG & Sustainability

To become a sustainable business, you need to do things differently

Customer Experience

Build customer loyalty through exceptional service and support

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Build a diverse, inclusive organization from top to bottom by developing the right behaviors and practices

Business Transformation

Build the mindset, skills, structure and culture to transform your organization.

Niche Business  is proud to be  Certified Professional Business Advisor  -through the Institute of Advisors

Your Business Future is not doing the same as every competitor does

Niche Your business focus once
-is Opportunistic-
Re Niche your Businesses focus in an Industry Leadership Manner On an ongoing basis
-Is REAL Niche Management-
Peter Kinnaird

Our Experts

Peter Kinnaird

CEO- Chief Strategist &
Niche Concept Creator

Steven Quinlan

Business Development &
Sales Specialist

Kim Nicholson

HR Specialist ,Talent Acquisition Partner , Business Manager & Coach

David Shoppee

Distribution & Logistics Specialist

Roman Dechnicz

BA Law

Usama Waqar

ITC program & services specialist

Ed Leong

& Transformation

Peter Mulder

Change Management & Business Process Improvement Specialist
Covering -Queensland

Andrea Burfoot

Business- Planning & Viability Specialist
Covering- South Australia

Tim & Sally Williams

Reinventing Careers & Business Improvement Specialists
Covering - Newcastle & Hunter Regions for Business Improvement
- Australia wide for Reinventing Careers

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