You have a business, You have passion, You want to give your clients only the best, You are good at what your business is about BUT 80% of businesses do not reach their potential Why You can’t be great at everything-   You lose time, effort & money by trying to do everything by yourself. That’s when you lose the effect of your businesses – most important asset –It’s reputation, band value and   client loyalty

  • You don’t need coaching on what you already do well –
  • You need support by others who specialize in the areas you don’t
  • No one person can do every business task really well
  • Niche Business has a Team of select specialists who are Niche experts in their Area of specialty
  • From Startups through every facet of business to exiting & selling
  • Niche Business- provides you support where you are not the expert
  • Niche Business – is your support arm & strength

At Niche Business, we aren’t hung up on who we are –we are like you – crazy people with a passion about business and what we can do to really help our clients- sound familiar?

Our Team is regarded as one of Australia’s most trusted authorities in Preparing  & Strengthening Businesses  to where they should be peek performing at – that is we are where our passion is

BUT- If your desire to  get things happening is strong enough then you may well  want to talk  to our CEO -Peter

 and Let’s Talk about -Your- Passion & Vision

We help you to Create Your business as a Niche Leader

Every day businesses make critical decisions without understanding where they are today  and where they need to be to succeed.

Let us help you discover where you need to be and how to achieve the changes so your business in the success your aim for.

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Drive Your Business transformation

Through Niche Specialisation Systems

Organization Strategy

Build end-to-end strategic solutions that align your structure, people and business processes and work flows.

Assessment & Niche Value

Undertake a Assessment of Products/Services & Clients Needs Comparison. Then undertake the Niche Value review.

Niche Specialisation Future

Strategically develop the opportunity to provide the Niche Speciality Products/Services that set you apart from your competitors.

Leadership & Professional Development

Unlock the Potential of everyone in your organization, from executives to new hires, to thrive in today's challenging business environment via targeted earning programs.

Client Selection

Undertake the change process of Niche Specialisation in that you select the clients not they select you Creating more profitable sales.

Business Transformation

Build the mindset, skills structure and culture to transform your organization.

Board & CEO Support Services

The success of any business rely on the capabilities & vision of the CEO. Sometimes the CEO needs experienced support during a period of change. A external Board of collective experienced advisors can often help through the transition period.

Turn Insights to action through the Niche Think Group

Niche Think Group  is our group of Senior Advisors who collaboratively analyse  data to provide insights & recommended actions.

This is assembled and presented through our partnered  world leading MAUS Business System

Accelerate your revenue growth
Develop a sales compensation framework to align with your business strategy
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Turn talk into action: Become a leader in DE&I
Diversity, equity & inclusion by design, no by defaut
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Prepare for a future beyond the crises
We are here to help you to accelerate through the turn
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