We are a highly skilled and dedicated team focused on delivering business success

Specialising your business is not just about making a new product or service. It involves every fibre of your business. To many business owners or managers will focus on changing one or two sections of the business and then wonder why they didn’t attain the success they should have.
After 30+years of creating, managing & consulting to businesses in nearly all industries, we have clearly noticed that there are a few very essential points to success:

  • Plan the end first & work back
  • Look where your competitors stop with their knowledge & service or support – that’s where you start
  • Don’t think you can see your businesses future clearly with your inward views- get someone who is suitably experienced enough to see it from an external view
  • Be prepared to change your thoughts on the future of your business focus
  • Be proud to be different to your competitors
  • Don’t just know your product or service – specialise your knowledge in them
  • Sell on Niche Value -not Price
  • Work on a continual Re-Niching Plan not just a one hit wonder
  • Do what you do best -hire the experts in the other areas that are better at it than you


To put all of this into a format that you & your fellow business people can relate to and work with our first evaluation is to verify that you must be prepared to work & accept change & challenges to be the Leader in Your Industry


At Niche Business Australia (NBA) we aren’t hung up on who we are – we are measured by the success we create for Your Business. We are like you – crazy people with a passion about business and what we can do to really help our clients- sound familiar?
Our Team is regarded as one of Australia’s most trusted authorities in Specialising Businesses -via various developed methods –we doesn’t write countless books , go on overseas speaking tours- we are where our passion is – helping Australian Businesses become their own industry leaders by way of learning the methods to Manage their Niche Markets.

Below are just some of the segments of your business that must be involved in Niching

Your Business To succeed in becoming a recognised Specialist Leader in Your Industry.

Niche Business Australia (NBA) offers a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients precise needs.

  • Business Planning
  • Product/Service Viability Plan
  • Implementation Plan
  • Niche Market Program
  • Operational Changes
  • Brand Name Development
  • Employee Development
  • Web & Media Marketing
  • Review of Market Reach
  • Review of Program Attainment
  • Implementation of Review Changes
  • Initial Research for Next Niche
  • Verification of Review Changes
  • Verify Next Niche Market
  • Verify Product for Next Niche
  • Verify Cross Over Time
  • Exit current niche planning
  • Prepare Operational Changes for next Niche
  • Employee Development for next Niche
  • Activate cross over time