Steven Quinlan

Business Development &
Sales Specialist

About Steven

Instead of following his father and brother into dentistry, he pursued his own path and landed his first sales job at 20 with MLC Australia in Sydney. But soon Steven was off to London to join Black Horse Financial, an arm of Lloyd’s Bank.

Although Steven didn’t realise at the time, the high-level sales training that he received with these blue-chip companies later formed the basis of the bespoke services he has developed for many small businesses.

Today, his passion lies in helping entrepreneurs realise business success. As we all know, it’s not just about the money, but it’s near impossible without it.

Specialities:  Business Development, Sales Planning, Sales Management
Change Management 

Steven firmly believes and focusses on  the fact that –

“Generating sales in a small business is critical if the operation is to grow and prosper.
Business owners who are struggling to develop a sales pipeline or just don’t have the capacity to increase sales.  Those are prime challenges that cost the business valuable time and money.

“Steven is  so passionate about the ‘science of sales’ that he has built a business that delivers successful sales results for a variety of clients who all prospered after working with Steven and his team.  Contact Steve for guidance on sales development

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