David Shoppee

Distribution &
Logistics Specialist

About David

Growing up, David shared a close relationship with his father as they bonded over their passion for the outdoors and enjoyed sailing together.

After losing his father at just 13 years old he learnt to become resilient and strong-minded, a mentality he would carry with him throughout his career.

It wasn’t long before David landed his first job as a local paperboy and bought his first car with his earnings, followed by his first boat,  at just 16 years old.

After high school David obtained a cadetship with GJ Coles, commencing his career in retail, and progressed through the ranks to become one of the youngest store managers for Coles Bathurst.

Feeling as if he had achieved everything he could within that role, he decided to take on a new opportunity and joined Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) in 1989 to enter the next phase of his career.

David developed new skills in distribution and logistics, and wore many different hats including which led to becoming the General Manager of a subsidiary business acquired by API.

At the age of 40, he decided it was going to be now or never to venture on his own and put all the skills he’d learnt over the years into action.

So in 2000, he acquired his first business, a printing business in Sydney called Lindsay Yates Group. David’s portfolio continued to grow over the years with a number of acquisitions along the way, and he continues to invest in new ventures to help confront the issues of today.

As Specialist Advisor, working in conjunction with founder Peter Kinnaird , Peter quickly saw David’s high quality experience & knowledge with small businesses to assist them in their business development , subsequently David  joined Niche Business to support more businesses to becoming Niche Specialists.

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