Plan ahead and maximise your chances of success

Risk is a part of entrepreneurship. But let’s not make it bigger than it has to be. Have an application idea in mind? Want to take a step towards digital transformation? Wish to bring innovation into your business strategy? Test your ideas ahead to maximise your chances of success! Choose our ideation, strategy and consulting services to capture new business opportunities with confidence.

Our Product Ideation and Strategy services

Verify your app ideas, test and improve your existing digital products, or make sure your business is on the right track. Browse through our services and choose the option that fits your needs best.

Product Strategy

Did you know that the most frequent reason startups fail is due to no market demand for their product? Be sure to avoid this common mistake! Choose our Product Strategy services to turn a concept into an excellent digital product. In order to grasp the idea of your business and build a shared understanding of your product vision, we invite you to join our customer-tailored workshops.

Research and Development

Want to make sure that your product will be better than similar ones on the market? We tailor our Research and Development services to give you a competitive advantage. Choose our Innovation Research to validate your idea technology-wise, test its feasibility, and identify new tech opportunities. Go for our Proof of Concept development to see a rapid prototype that you can present to your stakeholders or validate with your first users.

Legacy modernisation

Is your commercial application failing to catch up with the competition? Is your current software inconvenient to use for you and your customers? In both cases, legacy modernisation is a must. In this process, your outdated or ineffective software gets remodelled or rebuilt, so that it serves its purpose and brings in revenue once again. Thanks to our legacy app modernisation services you save money, increase security, and reach new long-term business opportunities.

Digital Transformation

Adopt new technologies, automate processes and increase productivity with our digital transformation services. Depending on your goals and expectations, we choose and implement custom digital transformation solutions. It can be cloud transition, software updates or a brand new system implementation – whatever fits your needs and works best in your case. Thanks to this, you can increase your business’ performance or bring new value to your customers.

Business Intelligence

Turn your data into business-enhancing solutions with our Business Intelligence services. Don’t trust your gut – rely on data and make informed business decisions. We gather historical and real-time data and process it to help you base your decision-making process on verified facts, rather than speculation. Thanks to high-end technology, we are able to provide our clients with the most accurate and consistent information for their business benefit.


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Why trust Niche with your business strategy

When it comes to making business choices, the “why” is equally as important as the “how”. See why you should choose our team to help you perfect your ideas.

Trusted and loved by many

9 out of 10 of our projects come from referrals. We value transparency above all. You will always stay in the loop thanks to access to all of the project documentation and task boards at all stages of the development. We’ve worked with internationally recognized brands like BNP Paribas, Skyscanner, Herbalife, and many others. So by joining Niche you can be certain you’re in good hands.

Holistic customer-centered approach

You’re not just our client – you’re our partner! You can even join our daily standups, if you wish! Together, we’ll be bringing your idea to life with cutting edge tech. But we’re not one of those companies that say “yes” to everything just because you’re paying. Instead, we enhance your project with our expertise at all stages, even if that means taking a critical look at your initial idea.

Solutions Tailored to your needs

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here. We always study your business goals, needs and expectations carefully to advise you on the right technology & strategy, and identify potential obstacles down the road. Whatever phase your project is in, or whatever the size of your company, we always make sure our approach fits the bill perfectly.

Cutting-edge technology

There are many factors in play if you wish to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and technology is one of them. Our research and strategy services allow us to mark out your opportunities and choose the tech stack that would be a perfect fit. We also offer custom AI-based features and Data Science solutions to make sure your business reaches its full potential

Award-winning software house

We pride ourselves on excellent business solutions recognised worldwide. Niche is a Google-certified software house and a member of the Google Developers Agency Program. This title has been awarded to just 80 companies globally and marks excellence in both software development and a customer-focused attitude. A portfolio of 100+ projects we have created has granted us recognition at the UK App Awards, Mobile Trends Awards, and Fintech Awards.

Sound promising? Let’s discuss your project!

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NPO is committed to providing the best natural & renewable resourced products that can be sourced by Australian manufacturers.
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This site is deisgned & developed to help people to find Rental properties with a single click.

Check what our clients say about us

We love what we do, but you don’t need to take our word on it. See what our clients have to say about our app development services.

Niche performed very well and made helpful suggestions and adjustments throughout the project to ensure its success.
At the beginning of cooperation with Niche, we had a lot of ideas for product development, but no specific plan. The two-day workshop helped us to broaden the perspective, sort out areas and create a backlog of tasks for further work on the mobile app.
Senior Product Manager
Unlike other vendors they also didn’t hesitate to challenge our concept only to make it better and bring new creative ideas and technical options we were not necessary aware of.
Bart B.

Our Product Ideation & Strategy process


Understanding your idea and needs

First of all, we’ll need to identify the scope of the project. So we go ahead and learn all there is to know about your product idea and business needs. It’s important for us to understand what it is you want to achieve in the end, in order to build an app that will reflect on your core idea perfectly. We encourage our clients to participate actively at this stage, because this is the best chance for us to embrace your vision and for you to understand the process behind it.



Competitive analysis and market insights

For your product to succeed on the market, you’d need a clear vision as well as a customer-driven strategy. That’s why at this stage we analyse the specifics of your industry, study your competition, learn the latest trends and your users’ needs. Our team helps you identify new business opportunities and sets up a Unique Value Proposition for your product.



Brainstorming and wireframing

Now it’s time for creative ideas. At our customer-tailored workshops, together we work on user personas and customer journeys, brainstorm possible solutions, and wireframe all the essential features. At the end of this stage, we’re able to decide on the technologies we’ll be using, provide you with an estimated time it will take our development team to complete your project and the approximate cost of the implementation.



Creating a clickable prototype & further iteration

At this stage we complete a clickable prototype that demonstrates what your product will be capable of, but also allows us to test implemented ideas with users or entice stakeholders to invest. With every interaction, we’re able to validate our hypothesis and get closer to bringing your product to the market with minimal risks. All this lets us deliver a more valuable set of features necessary for your business goals.



Data-driven enhancements of your product

We keep an eye on our product post-launch as well! Our team takes care of all the essential tasks, like testing and optimising their metrics, redefining business ideas, and even generating new features if needed. We will review the initial assumptions, check the data in order to detect missed opportunities, and work out improvements that can deliver quick wins.


Custom app development

Once your vision is clear and your strategy is marked out, you want to get a solution that fits like a glove. We want to see your project go smoothly, too – and that’s why you can trust us with custom design and development. After the Ideation and Strategy part, we can start working right away to design and deliver you that right solution.

What’s in it for you? Recognisable design to help you stand out and build a strong brand. Scalability and flexibility that lets you adjust your product as your business and needs grow. No unnecessary features, but a solution that is tailor-made just for you. A development schedule and budget adjusted to your business plan. Full product support and maintenance. And that’s just to name a few advantages!

Want to know more about our Ideation & Strategy services?

Have your own project in mind? Browse these questions our clients often ask and find out all you need to know about our strategy and research for business. Or simply reach out and ask us for the details!.

There are many reasons for settling on a product strategy before you invest in development and release your solution to the market.

Defining business goals and keeping customer preferences in mind from the very beginning can help you prevent a major product failure – investing in a product no one actually needs. By identifying the specifics of the market and finding your niche beforehand, you can take a customer-centric approach. This way you’ll be able to reach your target group more effectively. Also, it’s good to know in advance what objectives and initiatives you’re going to introduce. Establishing a timeline enables optimisation of work and planning a project’s budget.

Research and Development is a set of services we offer in order to validate your idea from both business and technological point of view. Before the programming part starts, we dedicate time to research your product idea, identify its scope, and point to new tech opportunities – such as Artificial Intelligence solutions or Internet of Things – that can boost your concept and help you outrun your competitors in the future.

Proof of Concept is a rapid prototype of your application, created to verify your product idea and test its feasibility. Thanks to PoC development, you can see the proposed functionalities of your product with your own eyes before investing in actual development. Depending on the app’s complexity, it might take between 2 and 4 weeks to develop a PoC.

The term “digital transformation” is usually used to describe a process of adopting certain technologies and systems in order to transform entire businesses or their processes and operations. If you imagine a company that is working solely on physical documentation and wants to create an application for that purpose instead, you are looking at digital transformation. Another good example is moving software from physical servers to the cloud or updating outdated applications the company is using.

Legacy modernisation is a part of digital transformation that focuses on outdated, ineffective software. By choosing legacy modernisation, you decide to update such software or rewrite it from scratch, in order to make it useful for your business again. Legacy modernisation includes both software used internally and commercial applications. The benefits of legacy modernisation include, among other things, increased security, enhanced business productivity, new business possibilities, and saved costs.

Absolutely! After we’ve prepared a foolproof strategy, we’re happy to start working on your project. We are a one-stop software development company, which means you can trust us with the entire lifecycle of your product. From strategy, research and consulting, through design and development, to maintenance and support.

Our expertise covers many industries

Let’s choose the best technology for your business

Already know what tech stack you want to use in your next app? Great! Still not quite sure? Let us advise you on the best solution for your unique case.


Create a seamless mobile product for android services.


Stay ahead of the game with a custom IOS Application.


Save time & stretch your budget with cross-platforms applicaation development.


Your app will look & feel like no other with our frontend development.


Bring the most complex app idea to your life with our backend app development.

Artificial Intelligence

Reach new business opportunities with Al and Machine Learning services.

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