Work with Niche to create an even greater business.


Why select a program

Step 1

To help keep discussion within your concern & to attain a starting point it is wise to choose a program that would help you the most initially

Step 3

We then present & explain the program implementation process & focus to your relevant people with whom we will work alongside.

Step 2

Our Team evaluates the information we have learn in discussion with you & gather from the Diagnostic & then develops the program to suit your needs.

Step 4

Once the program is underway, we will hold regular update meetings with you & the relevant other people in your business Niche in a firm believer in communication to assist in attaining the best outcomes.

Business Advisory Services

The most powerful way to impact your company’s revenue, profit, cash flow, and business value is to work with ProfitPlus Accounts on an ongoing basis. To help you assess the viability of our services, we offer every client an up-front proposal outlining your investment and returns.

Virtual CFO Services

We work with you to set budgets to achieve your business outcomes. Virtual CFO services incorporate monthly assessment of budget to actual, regular management reporting, developing business strategies, and working with you on implementation of improvements.

12 Month Support Programs

These 12-month programs focus on financial control, exponential growth, business mastery, or moving your business from one revenue bracket to another. Using a unique combination of Niche expertise and MAUS powered software enables your business to keep on growing in a sustainable manner

The Proven Growth Program

A two-day strategic business planning workshop at the start of this program ensures you have a strong vision, financial outcomes, monthly, quarterly and annual KPI’s. Working with Niche/Maus techniques has us building robust deliverables each month.

6 Month Step Up Program

This service is geared to step up your business from its current situation to a new and improved position over six months. Designed to focus on one specific area of improvement, it’s an excellent service for getting laser concentrated results.

13 Week Grow My Cash Flow

Incorporating assessment & improvements of your revenue via price, cost of goods, overheads, debtor value, creditor value, inventory value. Development of these six areas will systemically affect your business positively for many years.

7 Week Find the Money

This program is designed to companies with more than $1m Annual revenue. The program focusses on overcoming financial stress due to cash flow shortages and will endeavour to find short & long term workable solutions

Business Planning Services

Business planning services cover everything from the development of investor-ready business plans, bank funding business plans, business plans which need to accompany a prospectus or information memorandum & plans focused on growth.

7 Key Driver Assessment

The seven key driver assessment focuses on the evaluation of your last two years financials and if available the previous four years financials. This assessment uncovers methods of improving profits, increasing positive cash flow, and setting business value targets.

Business Diagnostic

The business diagnostic assesses 180 areas of your business for Lead flow, sales conversion, repeat business, the average value of a sale, margin improvement, team improvement, business mastery, competitiveness, and cash flow improvement.

Niche Business Programs are all designed to improve your current business situation and then grow your business in all aspects.  A key aspect in these programs is having specialist advisors who know what you are going  through and need to change to improve and also powerful diagnostic software in the MAUS system.