What Our Clients Say

Even though I had a broad range of products to sell at competitive prices -I was finding my business was declining. My accountants -stated that I either be prepared that it will become unprofitable, or I had to face changing what I was selling & how. They recommended me to Niche Business and told me –
“Before you speak with them- make sure you have an open mind and are ready for change. They will transform your business but only if you are prepared to be part of the change.”
After our initial meeting – I realised that they knew what they were on about and that I had assumed to much about my business and not enough planning for the future with a vision. They undertook an operational & marketing audit then came back with a findings & recommendations report To say it has been a journey of change is an understatement, our business now has only 6 products, we are being recognised for our quality products & our personalised & caring service. Business has grown and we are now enjoying being in business more than ever. My accountant was right when he said trust them as they will work with me to transform my business and they have and more they have empowered my Team, re-invigorated us as business owners and we have a truly trusted support Team I n Niche Business that is helping us ongoing.
Before we worked with Niche Business, we were a couple of tradies just going form one job to another hoping that some other tradies would call us with another job to do. We knew that we needed to somehow secure more consistancy in our workloads. Niche Business quite frankly told us it was time to be business people and not just a tradie, if we wanted long term work & success. Within 2 months our attitude changed and we soon saw our volume of work change as well to being of more consistant, more inline with our specialized skills and far more profitable.

A warning though, we thought we had learnt it all and didn’t really need their ongoing guidance & support , well – we did continue to succeed for a while but then the wheels didn’t jus slow down but virtually stopped . We released poor error and re-approached them to help us again. Seeing, we had learnt our lesson of whilst we are great at what we do , we are even better when we have support form Niche as they are truly remarkable at what they do. We are back on our program again and business is great but more so is our pride of how our business is being recognised as the specialist if you want a difficult or challenging project done very professionally.
Thanks Niche -you guys are our silent pillar of strength.
DT & AM, Sydney
Our function centre seemed to either be in fully booked or next to no bookings continuous cycle. A supplier recommeneded us to talk with Niche Business. At first we thought , what would they know about our business and why pay fees to be told to just advertise more.

After our supplier asked us a couple of times to contact Niche we did and to our surprise , they had a specialist who not only knew the industry but had previously owned a successful function centre.

The did a review of every facet of who we were, what we did, how we did it and how we created our message to get clients. They met with our whole Team and gave them equal voice -wow – did we learn things, then the Team at Niche took us on a 12 month journey to transform our business.

We have change so much that we now are fully booked the vast majority of the time with better quality clients & guests, also much more profitable. We have continued with Niche Businesses support program and feel we get a excellent return on our investment of fees & time with them -actually we do not see ourselves without them.
Our accounting practice was a good established one ,but our client base had not grown in 4 years.

The Team at Niche helped us realise, we had a mixed group of clients and we had to spend a lot of hidden (non chargeable) time learning what each Industry was about.

With their guidance we narrowed (Niched) our field of types of clients we preferred. Then we focussed not only our marketing but our whole operations on providing better service to those profiled clients. Our client base is now far more profitable and each new client we are attaining quickly see we have strong knowledge of the manufacturing & logistics industries.

Ken, Brisbane
Our hospitality franchise was doing ok but we knew that it was not capitalising on the most profitable products which are unique to us. Whilst our Franchisor is very good , we decided to investigate what else we could do. Niche not only confirmed what we thought they also showed us another very profitable market as well. We undertook their Pathway Program and cannot say thank you enough.

Not only are we now selling a lot of the two most profitable products, we also have improved our Team moral immensely.

The Niche Team are truly very helpful and knowledgeable. We think of them as being part of our support Team .
Service Sector
Before we started with Niche, we operated on -hope, a few ads in yellow pages and local paper- hope to get someone calling us. Our Natural Therapies practice had great practitioners but we had trouble attaining them enough clients. We like many searched the web for free advice and found so many variances of what could be done but we soon realized none really wanted to know our business they just wanted us to take up some online course or service.

We met with Niche and they really opened our eyes up to our poor level of planning & client needs understanding. With the quality of their initial briefing meeting we quickly realized that we needed to invest in having a support such as Niche working with us . We were also self- embarrassed as we always stated that when new patients came into our clinic they sometimes wanted our practitioners expertise for next to nothing in payment – so we use to complain people wanted everything for nothing and if you pay peanuts you get monkeys -well we were doing the same to our business development.

Niche came back with a finding &recommendations report and actually asked to sit with all of us (including our practitioners )and discussed each part – that really opened our eyes , then their recommendations had many options but we could see that they knew what to do to get us into a good business. We undertook their second recommendation program and have never looked back, in fact we now have an open environment where all of the practitioners are involved with the majority of the business development and our practice is a happy, untied and is growing on a continuous basis with Niche being our guide. PM , NSW