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Computer Vision applications allow computers to process images and videos in order to retrieve specific information, automate processes and make decisions. At Miquido, we use Computer Vision to train models to understand visual, high-dimensional data by feeding Machine Learning models with images. We offer AI solutions to get in-depth insights and provide you with comprehensive solutions.

Our Computer Vision expertise

Image Classification

Labeling and categorising large image datasets can prove to be a difficult task. Image classification involves prediction of the class label for an object in the image, which allows us to automatically assign images to different categories. We can help you with assigning your imagery data to predefined classes and therefore automate the image classification process.

Object Detection

Computer Vision solutions can help you to automate tasks such as monitoring, security systems, etc. This is where Object Detection comes to the rescue: it uses image classification together with other computer vision tasks to identify and localise objects within digital content. It is more advanced than simple image classification, as it is able to classify multiple different types of objects in the image.

Content Indexing

Organising your content properly can save you a lot of valuable time and increase effectiveness. Video and image content indexing detects objects and automatically assigns their tags. Thanks to this feature, your business can speed up real-time video processing, and you can save your team the hassle of manually handling each piece of visual content.


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How can your business benefit from Computer Vision solutions?

Computer Vision allows machines to observe the world and translate those observations into actionable findings. See how it might benefit you.

Elevate your processes

Save time and resources by making your business processes less prone to human errors! How do we achieve this? By limiting human involvement thanks to task automation, e.g. text extraction, image classification, product quality inspection on production lines in manufacturing, and much more.

Know your customer

Make sure your customers are who they say they are with the help of Computer Vision solutions. Verify your clients’ identities by using their photos, ID’s or passports to assess their identity and reduce the fraud risk to a minimum. This way, you can be certain that your business stays safe and secure.

Moderate your content

Keep your content organised and make sure your application is a pleasant experience for all users. Save time on manual content moderation – automate the process of detecting unwanted content, such as offensive gestures and explicit nudity in user-generated images or videos automatically (or semi-automatically).

Improve content discoverability

What’s the point of creating awesome content if no one’s going to find it? Let more users discover, share and interact your content with the aid of Computer Vision solutions. Advanced content searches by image, together with object tagging, allow users to discover similar content and products with ease.

Analyse video streams

Automate tasks related to analysing visual imagery that would take humans lots of time and harness the power of computer vision to examine video content in real time. By analysing and using visual sequences from multiple cameras and drones, you can use the collected footage for object detection and mapping.

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Our technologies for industries

Computer Vision is applicable everywhere images or videos are involved. The variety of tasks that can be handled using CV is wide and still expanding:

  • Image Segmentation
  • Image Classification
  • Image Restoration
  • Object Recognition
  • Content Indexing
  • Video Tracking
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Surveillance
  • Biometrics
  • Search by Image
  • Content Moderation

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We love what we do, but you don’t need to take our word on it. See what our clients have to say.

Working remotely with the Niche Team was as frictionless as if they were sitting right next to me. They really dug deep to understand our industry and customer needs. They are truly engaged and always up for the next challenge.
Great cooperation and agility, continuously delivering value every single iteration, starting from sprint one. It was as if we had our own team working on that.
It never felt like we were being rushed out; they gave us everything we needed for the project. They have genuinely cared about more than being paid, which is a rare thing to say about an outsourced studio.

Technology stack

Machine Learning

  • Python
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Pandas

Computer Vision

  • Amazon Rekognition
  • Vision AI
  • Cloud AutoML

Image Processing

  • OpenCV

Our development process

Scoping & estimation

Understanding the nature of your project

We start our journey by identifying the scope of your project. We take our time to understand your needs, business plans, and expectations. We will discuss the features you want your product to have and the complexity of the project. This allows us to choose the best solutions required to support your idea and helps us estimate the development time. As a result, we’ll be able to provide you with a general quotation and development schedule.

Scoping & estimation

Workshops & preparation

Shaping the vision and discussing the details

In this phase, we start with a kick-off meeting with the Data Science team. We will discuss details of your data, images and video content as well as relevant statistical techniques, data infrastructure and visualisation. This insight is extremely important to us, as we need to get a good feeling for your specific conditions and requirements and be sure we are on the same page!

Workshops & preparation

Design & development

Bringing your project idea into reality

The crucial part in creating Computer Vision solutions relates to your images, photos and videos. We need a few days to prepare a data collection plan. We start from data exploration to get a better feeling for it. Then we work hard to answer your business-specific questions formulated during our Workshops by implementing an adequate Computer Vision solution. The length of this phase depends on the project size and complexity.
Design & development

Product release

Introducing your product to the market

The big day has come – your application is ready to meet its users! When your product is ready, we take care of the deployment and release under the agreed infrastructure. We make sure that every element of the system is released on schedule and works perfectly. Once your application goes live, we provide you with maintenance and support.
Product release

Ongoing Support

Taking good care of your product

If in the future you see that your solution needs modifications or extra functionalities – we’ve got you covered. We’ll start working right away, all while supporting the existing version until the new one is good to go. Whether it is ongoing maintenance and support, new project development, or a specific upgrade to an already released product – you can count on us!
Ongoing Support

Custom Computer Vision solution development

Is your business directly related to images and videos? Let us have a look at your visual data and turn it into useful insights. Our image intelligence services are adjusted for your business-specific requirements.

What is there to gain? Automation, reduced human involvement and an improvement of image and video content searchability. All these are potential benefits available with our Computer Vision solutions. Our bespoke approach uses state-of-the-art methods as we adapt them for your specific needs and requirements.


Want to know more about Computer Vision?

Not sure what Computer Vision is? That’s fine! We’ll be happy to walk you through the most common topics behind AI-based Computer Vision.

Computer Vision solutions are artificial intelligence-based systems that extract information from images. It is an interdisciplinary field involving computer science to make sense of photos and videos. Using visual content and deep learning models, it translates imagery into actionable knowledge.

You can digitise your paper documents, use biometrics to identify and authenticate the right person, search content by images, recognise and classify objects in a picture and much more.

Object Recognition classifies objects detected in an image into one or several predefined object groups. It is one of the most popular Computer Vision applications for determining what is in the image.

Image classification identifies whether something is present in the picture or not.

Content Indexing detects objects in the picture, extracts its content and adds object tags automatically.

Search by Image means that we are looking for information based only on a digital image. In contrast to the traditional search by word, it does not use keywords, tags and metadata attached to the image, but the image itself.

OCR recognizes characters from handwritten or printed text images and then digitises them and displays everything in a computer-friendly format.

Using a face on a photo, face recognition systems involve human anatomy characteristics to compare them against databases and match them with a specific individual. It is used for ID verification, access control, forensics and surveillance to identify and authenticate the right person.

Biometrics encopmases characteristics of individuals based on their physiological features. It can involve face, fingerprints, palm, iris, retina recognition and is widely used for identification and authentication purposes.

Image segmentation is used to cluster pixels in the image into multiple segments with similar characteristics. These segments represent some objects defined within detected contours and can be further used for object detection.

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