Peter Kinnaird

CEO- Chief Strategist &
Niche Concept Creator

Worlds #1 Trusted Authority in Niche Business Development,
Certified Professional Business Advisor - Institute of Advisors

About Peter

Peters business career has never been one to follow the well-trodden path. During his career, he has created an extraordinarily strong skill in developing Niche Businesses, so much so the CEO of Trusted Authorities Inc (Ari Galper), bestowed Peter with the recognition of  being the   World#1 Trusted Authority in Niche Business Development.


The old saying of the proof is in the pudding”” is real with Peter, he not only draws on his wealth of experience to help clients with various areas of their business, including management, operations, and sales and marketing but builds Niche Businesses himself.

Amongst the many businesses he has worked with , an example of his abilities was to become partner of an emerging agriculture ,under Peter’s direction, the company grew from a $500k start-up to a $40m business.

In 2011, Peter identified another Niche market opportunity to develop a business in- Workplace Safety service to SME’s that could not afford full time safety officers. Peter developed Commercial Safety Australia to provide businesses with an affordable way to outsource their workplace safety needs. CSA has grown and continues to help hundreds of Australian & International businesses stay compliant with workplace safety regulations. Peter being Peter, in 2021 saw the need for CSA to expand to provide more services and is now helping the company executives to create a 4 Pillar service for – Work Place Safety, easy to use  HR services, Wellbeing & Environmental Compliance for companies.

Another Niche Business development he is currently consulting on is – a natural products manufacturing business that provides products for -cleaning, animal care, turf & agricultural pasture improvements. Peter is helping develop Niche specialist service recognition within the relative industries for those products and support services.

Peters aim is to help & mentor business people. With the disruption caused by COVID-19, Peter is redeveloping the services provided by Niche Business Australia to support the re-emergence of businesses, so business owners can develop a new version of their business into being more Niche focused. They will not only provide better service but become more acknowledged in the marketplace as being specialist leaders and thus more trusted & valued by clients. This is what Peter believes will be the more important focus by clients – than cheapest price and thus the next Niche opportunities will emerge for many business owners.
This type of continuous foresight is a strong reason why Peter is seen as the Trusted Authority in Niche Business Development. If you would like to learn more about how to develop or change your business into becoming a Niche Business and recognised as an Industry Specialist send Peter a message.

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