Node.js for efficient, real-time applications

Build a custom web app that’s able to grow along with your business needs. With Node.js as your choice for backend development, you can be sure to receive an app that’s highly functional and easily scalable, while remaining lightweight at the same time. See how Node.js development can pave the way to your company’s success on the market.


What are the benefits of choosing Node.js?

Wondering if you should pick Node.js for your next project? Check what’s in it for your business if you choose to do so.

Fast development

Time is of the essence when it comes to digital products. If you’ve got an idea for a new, game-changing application, you need to make it happen before your competitors do. When you want to cut down on the time-to-market process for your app, Node.js is an excellent choice, as it massively reduces application development time.

Easy app scalability

Have big plans for the growth of your product? Enable your application to stay efficient even when the number of users rises significantly over time. Node.js is known as the preferred framework when it comes to effortless scalability, while at the same time being considered one of the best for microservice architecture.

Quick MVP development

A minimum viable product is not the final version of the app, but it has just enough features for customers to use. It enables companies to gain much-needed feedback on their product and learn what needs to be improved. Node.js makes it possible to create and release one quickly while also allowing for easy future enhancements and additional features.

Popularity and active community support

Node.js is a well-tested and mature server-side platform for building scalable server applications, so it’s no wonder that it has been chosen by established global brands, including Netflix, Paypal and eBay. As a result, Node.js has built a broad user base and continues to gather enthusiasts from all over the world.


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Why choose Niche Node.js development company?

Ready to start your next tech project? Pick us to make sure it’s a successful one!

One-stop development company

Our team takes care of your project every step of the way, starting from ideation and strategy, through design and development, all the way to the release and further product growth.

Apps recognized worldwide

With over a decade in the business, our portfolio of over 150 projects granted us recognition at the Mobile Trends Awards, Fintech Awards, UK App Awards, and that’s only to name a few!

Trusted by many

We treat our client as partners, with mutual trust and transparency as our key values. We’re proud to say that 9 of 10 of our projects come from referrals, with our clients happy to recommend us to others.

Sound promising?

Where does Node.js excel?

Back-end for communication apps

Ensure that the communication in your company runs smoothly, and take some workload off your employees’ backs. Using Node.js will allow you to develop lightweight, smooth-running messaging features for your business, which can improve your overall customer experience and help solve your clients’ issues in real-time.

Chatbots & voice assistants

Node.js offers many features and integrations with Natural Language Understanding engines, which makes it a perfect choice for developing chatbots and voice assistants. If you want to build a conversational experience for customer service or integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, Node.js is your best bet.

Building RESTful API for your applications

REST refers to Representational State Transfer – it is an architectural pattern used for applications using web services. Node.js should be your pick if you want to build a RESTful API for a web app, as it is easy to work on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) with JavaScript. It is also lightweight and offers firm control over requests.

Creating microservice architecture

If you are planning to produce a complex backend app, or one that will probably grow in time, consider building it using microservice architecture. Since many services are separate, you can easily scale resources for each service independently. Make sure that the most complicated app ideas are achieved as you envisioned them

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The amount of work delivered and tested in the sprints is remarkable. Miquido even revised and fixed our previous app, which we needed for internal reasons. That was a challenge that no other company could accomplish.
It never felt like we were being rushed out; they gave us everything we needed for the project. They have genuinely cared about more than being paid, which is a rare thing to say about an outsourced studio.
They go above and beyond for us. I know that their business is based on relationships and personal referrals, which is the best way to build a company.

How digitisation transforms industries

We use the latest tech stack for your projects


  • NestJS
  • Passport
  • Apollo
  • TypeORM
  • Jest
  • TypeScript
  • Express


  • Docker
  • Git
  • Kubernetes
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Kafka
  • OpenAPI

Testing / Debugging

  • K6
  • Rest Assured
  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • Postman
  • Charles

Cloud Services

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • ECS Fargate
  • CloudWatch


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Aurora

Other technologies we usem


Use golang in complex products for your business.


Develop exceptional applications for android.


IOS mobile applications will ensure your success.

Machine Learning

Drive business value with machine Learning

Voice Assistants

Let Voice Assistants help your customers.

Custom Node.js App Development

Want an application that is created in accordance to your vision? With custom app development, you can give your users a truly one-of-a-kind digital product, equipped with the features of your choosing, without any unnecessary ones. Server applications built in Node.js are easily scalable and characterised by top level performance, so it’s one of the best choices for building an MVP from scratch. Ready to craft a game-changing app?

See what we can do for you

Ideation & Strategy

Ensure project success with ideation & strategy

Product Design

Get product design coherent with your branding.

Web & Mobile

Increase your profit with modern web & mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Apply AI based solutions in your company to enhance your products & increase your profit.

Cloud Services

Develop secure & efficient appps in the cloud.

Want to know more about Node.js?

Gain more knowledge about Node.js by browsing through our FAQ. And if you’re still curious for more insights – feel free to contact us!

Developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, Node.js is a backend runtime environment built on a V8, a high-performance open-source JavaScript engine. It is used for developing server-side and networking applications in JavaScript. Using Node.js, we can quickly produce scalable, functional, real-time backends for web and mobile applications. Nowadays, the developers who use Node.js maintain a huge community that shares knowledge, discusses Node.js’s potential and produces new tools which can be used to speed the development of Node.js applications.

Node.js can be used to create publishing platforms (like Medium), chats, audio and video streaming (like Netflix), applications for transport companies (Uber), e-Commerce (Groupon), and many others. There is no industry that could not benefit from it.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, backend, JavaScript runtime environment, which is used to execute JS code outside a web browser. It enables building scalable servers handling thousands of concurrent connections, without having to cope with the problems of threading.

How is this possible? Developers can use a simplified model of event-driven programming with callback signalling when a task is completed. Node.js combines the power of Unix network programming and the flexibility of JavaScript.

Many worldwide known companies such as PayPal, LinkedIn or Walmart have greatly benefited from Node.js technology, but it is also popular among startups as it allows for fast MVP development

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