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A refined visual concept is the foundation of a good interface, but you need much more than that to create a successful product. The essence of good UI design is to make the user think as little as possible while navigating through your app. To let that happen, our designers at Niche develop solutions that make the interface more intuitive and clear without losing its visual character.


Our UI design services

At Niche, we create intuitive interfaces in a seamless manner. Using the best design practices, we’ll make your app or website beautiful, engaging, and informative at the same time. How? Check below!

Mobile & Web design

A beautiful, eye-catching interface is what draws customer attention first. We’ll help you polish the visuals, creating a scalable product refined to the smallest detail. Aesthetics play a big part in our design process, but so do functionality and usability. Our experts follow trends in design and adopt a problem-solving approach to create digital interfaces that go in line with your brand voice and values. Together, we can develop responsive apps and websites that stand out at first sight.

Brand Identity

A thoughtful UI design can either originate from the existing branding concept of your product or lay the foundations for it. The interface should stay in harmony with what your brand represents and communicates. Incorporating brand identity elements in the interface of the product is essential for strengthening its image. We can adjust the shapes, fonts, icons, color palette, and other UI elements according to your guidelines or select a set of solutions that will become a background of your visual story.

Motion design & Interactions

Incorporating motion design into the interface will help you tell stories and add smooth transitions that will make your app more attractive. Using animated elements can be a great way to increase user engagement and guide them through the whole experience. Motion design adds dynamics and makes navigation more intuitive. And, even more importantly, it increases overall functionality of your product. Our UI designers will implement motion design solutions that will provide your interfaces with an additional layer of depth to create a stronger bond between the user and your brand.

Voice User Interface

Voice assistance is currently on the rise – just look at the popularity of Siri or Alexa! No wonder that the voice user interface (VUI) is becoming an increasingly important element of UI. Voice commands enable navigating through the platform without touch or sight, making it an irreplaceable solution for visually impaired people. This kind of spoken interaction requires a unique approach to design. Our specialists at Niche keep up to date with the newest VUI trends and tools. Make your web or mobile app adjustable to the needs of users who choose voice commanding over swiping!

Niche design board

Are you looking for more inspirations and/or design solutions for your projects? Browse through the complete overview of the designs for the projects we’ve completed over the years and learn what to expect on our end if you decide to trust us with designing your product.

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How your business can benefit from a compelling UI design

Good UI is a real game changer. Wondering how you can benefit from it? Here are some of the most significant pros of polishing your interface’s design.

“Aesthetic-Usability Effect”

This phenomenon refers to the influence of aesthetics on the perception of the project. Generally, the more aesthetically pleasing the project is, the more intuitive it seems to the user. Thus, a refined, beautiful interface can translate into an improved brand image and users’ overall satisfaction.


Higher customer retention

Attracting customers isn’t easy – but making them stay can turn out to be even more difficult. With the right UI design solutions, you can improve customer retention. Putting it simply, users will continue to choose your product over the others because it’s good-looking, intuitive, and functional.


Improved performance

Scalable, usable, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces can contribute to your financial success. They make users more engaged and willing to continue using your app. Strengthening the brand image through thoughtful UI design can lift the product’s value on the market and accelerate your success.


Increased revenue

Scalable, usable, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces can contribute to your financial success. They make users more engaged and willing to continue using your app. Strengthening the brand image through thoughtful UI design can lift the product’s value on the market and accelerate your success.


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Looking for a UI Design company? Go with Niche!

Whether you’ve already launched your product or you’re still preparing for it, we’ll do our best to fine-tune your interface design. Here are some of our core strengths!


Experienced team

Our UI team consists of designers who carry out every project with attention to detail. Using suitable techniques, we develop and test ideas to make sure that your product can benefit from them.

Complex approach

Before launching the design process, we research your needs and set up common goals. Understanding your business objectives helps us select UI solutions that work for both you and your customers.

Diverse services

We provide our clients with a set of services to develop a complete product. Aside from UI design, we can help you with UX and product development, taking care of both the backend and frontend.

Awarded products

We were recognised at the UK App Awards 2018 for our Topline app. Topline was also featured at Google I/O in 2018. Google also listed our HelloFresh as one of the top apps of 2016. And there’s more!

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Abbey Road
Prize-winning mobile app that saves creative music ideas
A time-tracker to manage workflows and co-operate in teams
Empik Go
A user-friendly audio and ebook mobile app

See what our clients say about us

The Niche team is very high energy and had a great level of development skills. They were aware and ahead of the trends
Kevin Hall
Principal Project Manager, Skyscanner
They’re collaborative and personable, which fosters a productive engagement (Eat & Joy).
Eat & Joy
During the development process, I particularly enjoyed the workshops at Niche. They were always carefully planned, purpose driven, included a diverse range of experts, and most of all fostered an authentic relationship between the client and the team.
Michael Milner
Project Owner, YouMap

Get to the top of any industry with our UI solutions!

We use tools & software recognised by professionals worldwide:

Designing tools:

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Photoshop

Motion design:

  • After Effects
  • Principle
  • Protopie

Feedback & Cooperation:

  • Invision
  • Lookback
  • Pollfish
  • Miro

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Select the best tech stack for your product or go with our professional advice!


Create a seamless mobile product for android services.


Stay ahead of the game with a custom IOS Application.


Save time & stretch your budget with cross-platforms applicaation development.


Your app will look & feel like no other with our frontend development.


Bring the most complex app idea to your life with our backend app development.

Artificial Intelligence

Reach new business opportunities with Al and Machine Learning services.

Custom app development

Even though there is a wide range of pre-developed products available on the market, many enterprises choose to develop their own. This way, they can fully adjust its architecture, interfaces, and features to their needs and solve the problems with communication, performance, or workflow. Niche has more than a few tailor-made custom apps in the portfolio. We perfectly understand why our clients choose custom app development and do our best to meet their expectations in this field. That’s why we always start by understanding your needs, brainstorming, and researching. Then, we implement the results in the UI, UX, and development phases.

Want to learn more about User Interface design?

Browse through these Frequently Asked Questions and if you can’t find the answer for the ones that interest you most – reach out to us directly!

Yes – you can do it both before and after launching the product. Depending on what you decide, the roadmap of the UI process may look slightly different. In case your product hasn’t been launched yet, we will help you design the interfaces from scratch. Implementing new UI solutions can also become a significant part of your rebranding process.

We do! At Niche, we are used to remote working. We offer online consultations and workshops, as well as fully remote app development services. We use complex online software to make the whole process even smoother. Working from the other side of the globe? Worry not – together we can make it happen!

You could say that UI is a little part of UX.

User interface focuses on the surface. The UI designer’s role is to make the interface more attractive and intuitive by choosing adequate fonts, the scope of colours, illustrations, motion designs, and other decorative elements. As such, the key goal of the UI is pleasant looks.

Whereas UX goes deeper, focusing on the user’s journey with the product. The UX designer analyses the app’s structure and flow in the context of usability and problem-solving. Its main purpose is functionality.

Both aspects of design are complementary and should be combined in order to develop a refined product.

Every product design process has to include a UI phase, as the interface is the basic component of each app and website. In most cases, the UI design process is carried out after the UX or simultaneously with it, followed by testing and development phases. But even if you already have developed and launched your product, you can take a step back and refresh the UI. Your app will most likely benefit from it!

The overall cost depends on the scope of work and the complexity of each project. To get a quotation with an estimated price, reach out to us!


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