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React Native allows us to build intuitive, highly functional apps using a single codebase for many platforms. With the help of React Native, we can make your idea reach its full potential and create a digital product that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their operating system or device preferences.

Why choose React Native development?

Build top-performance, cross-platform web and mobile apps with a strong focus on UX. See why you should pick React Native for your next project!

Cross-device development

Since React Native was developed from React – a JavaScript Framework for front-end development – the code produced in RN can be shared not only with iOS and Android, but also web applications. Go with React Native if you’re looking for a technology that will enable your business to reach users on every main platform


React Native development is an excellent way to reduce the overall cost of your project, as you will be developing an app to work across multiple platforms simultaneously. Thus, you will not need to engage additional teams for developing separate apps for iOS, Android, and web. The results? Your development expenses may be reduced by as much as 30-35%!

Fast implementation

Since a significant part of the code is the same for each app, cross-platform development in React Native is much faster than writing separate native apps. The time of implementation, as well as Quality Assurance, is significantly optimised. This provides you with a shorter time-to-market and enables you to cut even more costs.

Access to resources

Both JavaScript and React are commonly and extensively used. With React Native being an open-source JavaScript framework with large community support, there are widely available dedicated libraries ready to be used when building an application. This is what makes the overall development process even faster and more efficient.

Excellent UI and UX

React Native development allows for building apps with outstanding UI and UX features effortlessly. You can easily ensure that your app runs smoothly, has a reduced loading time, and is generally highly responsive. The application’s interface will be consistent no matter the target platform, and you can be sure that your app will perform its functionalities seamlessly.


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Why choose Niche as your React Native development company

Ready to create your digital product with React Native? See why we should be the ones to make it happen!

End-to-end services

Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive services, from ideation and strategy, through design and development, all the way to the release and maintenance of your application.

Satisfied clients

Our apps are outstanding, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Niche takes pride in the fact that 9/10 of our projects come from referrals, and we base our process on mutual trust between us and the clients.

Award-winning apps

For over the decade that we’ve been in the business, our work has granted us recognition at the UK App Awards, Mobile Trends Awards or Fintech Awards, to name a few. And we’re hungry for more!

Did we persuade you?

Where does React Native excel?

With the help of React Native you can ensure your app has excellent UX, no matter the operating system. React Native provides you with reliable payment support and many other integrations such as maps, analytics, and push notifications. If your goal is to develop a top-quality app that will work on different platforms, and you might have a limited budget, then React Native will prove to be a great choice.

  • Cross-platform app
  • Outstanding UX
  • Short time to market
  • Payments and other third-party integrations

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Here’s what our clients say about us!

We’re impressed by Niche’s great communication during the whole process – they are genuinely well-organised.
Alicja M.
They delivered high-quality results in a timely manner
Niche has very competitive pricing, and all the services needed for development, from UI/UX designers to specialized Flutter or React Native developers. Niche has a very high standard for whom they hire. They don’t hire inexperienced people, and their whole team has great English skills.
Michael M.

What industries can benefit from React Native?

Technology stack


  • Javascript / Typescript
  • React Native
  • Redux


  • Fastlane, Gradle
  • Teamcity, Gitlab
  • App Center, Testflight


  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Zeplin

Testing & Debugging

  • Detox, Appium
  • Firebase Crashlytics, Sentry
  • Firebase Analytics, Revolt

Other technologies we use


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Create a seamless mobile product for android services.


Develop a native IOS Application for your business.

Data Sciences

Increase business value with Data Sciences.

Machine Learning

Give your business a boost with machine learning.

Custom React Native App Development

We believe that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product. If your business requires a customised application with useful features, like push notifications, maps, analytic tools or payment support, you should definitely choose a tailor-made app powered by React Native. With custom app development, you can be sure to get a product tailored to your needs, with the features of your choosing. Let’s build a truly unique application and give your business the right boost!


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Strategy & Ideation

Publish your ideas or improve your business strategy.

Product Design

Invest in Unique design for your product.

Web & Mobile

Create web & mobile apps for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Reach new business opportunities with Al and Machine Learning services.

Cloud Services

Increase your effectiveness with Cloud deployment.

Want to know more about React Native?

Explore our FAQ section to learn more about React Native. Have some questions of your own? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

React Native is a Javascript framework created in 2015 by Facebook, with the aim of enabling an efficient product development process for Android and iOS. With React Native you can create apps compatible with a number of platforms by using only one codebase.

React Native is used for cross-platform app development. Thanks to its features, it’s a popular choice for projects where cost efficiency and fast implementation matter.

With React Native you can build apps compatible with more than one OS, developing a single codebase instead of separate ones for each platform. This ensures that the design of the app will be consistent throughout various platforms.

You can actually choose between many frameworks for the development of your mobile app. The most popular choices for cross-platform, apart from React Native, are Flutter and Kotlin Native. Alternatively, you can always choose developing a native app for either iOS and Android.

React Native is certainly the most mature cross-platform technology and is well-established on the market – it provides more libraries and components than other frameworks. Flutter is a young challenger which has attracted developers’ attention and is currently a significant rival of RN.

Entrepreneurs often want their interface to work well on both iOS and Android devices using one codebase. This is possible using either React Native or Flutter. Flutter gives you the certainty that your app will look the same pixel by pixel on both iOS and Android. RN is still pretty good with its unified UI; however it focuses more on default OS behaviours (e.g. navigation gestures, handling a physical back button, a pull to refresh mechanism).

While React Native is the most established option for cross-platform mobile app development, Kotlin Native is a completely new framework. Even though it has great potential for mobile apps and will surely rock the IT world, it hasn’t been officially released yet.

Currently, Kotlin Native can’t ensure that an app’s interface will work well on iOS and Android devices using one codebase. It still requires the UI layers for both Android and iOS to be written using native code. The prospect of Kotlin Native may seem exciting to the cross-platform developer community, as this technology has succeeded in both Android and backend development. But the future is yet to come in that regard – Kotlin Native can’t currently be used for production purposes and there are virtually no Kotlin Native apps present in app stores.

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