Work with ProfitPlus Accounts to create an even greater company.

To support your company’s plans for growth and prosperity ProfitPlus Accounts combines proprietary methods of business consulting, business enhancement tools with leading industry applications.

Predictive Growth At The Right Stage Of Your Company’s Evolution

ProfitPlus Accounts combines financial assessment, financial modelling, ongoing financial monitoring with fortnightly, monthly and quarterly advisory session so the entrepreneur can effectively grow their company in a predictive manner.  Different stages of revenue growth require a different approach …

Growing Your Business To 1,000,000

Building to 1 Million
  • Understanding key growth drivers
  • Understanding and negating competitive forces
  • Maintain a positive cash flow
  • Planning to model next 12 months
  • Sessions are group based every 90 days

Growing Your Business To 2,500,000

Building to 2.5 Million
  • Improving gross profit and net profit
  • Control of debtors, creditors and inventory ratios
  • Budget to actual monthly assessments
  • Planning on a 12-monthly basis
  • Planning to model next 12 months
  • Session are fortnightly, quarterly and annually

Growing Your Business To 5,000,000

Building to 5 Million

  • Exponential growth planned and executed
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Improving Gross Profit and Net Profit
  • End of year financial analysis
  • Session weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually

Growing Your Business To 10,000,000

Building to 10 Million

  • Maintaining exponential financial growth
  • Building business value based on value target
  • Virtual CFO meetings to manage financials
  • Sessions monthly, quarterly, yearly

Growing Your Business To 25,000,000

Building to 25 Million

  • Virtual CFO program and / or executive board position
  • Specialized projects
  • Sessions quarterly, and annually