1 month for a ready-made Proof of Concept

Nothing gets work done better than a strict deadline! We take up a challenge to complete a Proof of Concept and prepare a clickable prototype with functional UX in one month or less. Together, we will validate your product ideas, polish those destined to succeed, and eliminate potential dead weight.


Why join the Niche Product Bootcamp?

You want your project to be verified and released to the market as soon as possible. We have just the right talents, resources, and methodology to make it happen. Sounds like a perfect match!

Verify key hypotheses with real users

You don’t have to stumble in the dark, hoping your product idea will work out by itself and your potential customers will gladly adopt it. Instead, trust us to collect feedback from real users and adjust your proposition according to the market needs, current trends, and valuable business insights.

Create a solid value proposition

The Niche Product team will help you align business requirements with user expectations, as well as to set timely and measurable goals to evaluate your offer. We know that you want your product to make a difference, and we’re going to do our best to set you on the right track.

Prepare for the MVP development

Our 4-week Product Design Bootcamp lays a solid foundation for the potential Minimum Viable Product development. And the best part – you’re not losing anything! You’ll have a completed and verified prototype ready to be developed, regardless of whether you choose to proceed with us or take it elsewhere.

Outsmart your competitors

Our process is data-driven, meaning that every decision we make is based on solid research. During this month, you’ll learn all the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. Moreover, we’ll interview the key stakeholders to ensure you have a definite advantage in the race to the top of the market.

Work with client-oriented experts

Niche takes pride in being recognised for our customer-tailored approach and we’re happy to tell you that 9 out of 10 of our projects come from referrals. We aim at building lasting relationships with our clients by providing top-notch services. Your personal experience is just as important to us as the efficiency of the solution we create for you.

Get it all done in one place

As a one-stop software house, we want you to have a truly holistic experience. With this in mind, you can complete an entire project with us! Starting with product ideation and design, through prototyping and the development of an MVP, we can take you all the way to product growth and ongoing support for the years to come.

Here’s how we get it done

Market Immersion

Learn all the do-s and don’t-s of the industry

The first phase of our Product Bootcamp is fully dedicated to the discovery of business opportunities. By working closely with the Niche crew, you’ll be able to clearly define your own vision of success and set up tangible project goals. We’ll provide you with the best recommendations on business objectives, market needs, customer insights, and more!

Market Immersion

Strategy Workshops

Dig deeper with our experts

By conducting custom workshops tailored to your specific objectives and expectations, our Product Bootcamp will help you define the challenges ahead of you, create a solid value proposition, priorities roadmap, and more. Get ready for some intense brainstorming, since at this point we aim to provide you with the most valuable insights!

Strategy Workshops

Prototype & Test

Gather valuable insights

We promised a complete Proof of Concept, didn’t we? This means that as a part of this 4-week sprint we’ll also conduct user testing to evaluate the impact of our solution. The reports we’ll get by the end of this stage will help us implement all the necessary adjustments during the final week of the sprint.

Prototype & Test

Validate & Improve

Put your knowledge to good use and make your product better

The prototype is complete and the testing has brought some useful feedback, so now we can prepare your Proof of Concept for further improvements. We’ll iterate on UX & UI designs to achieve maximum intuitiveness and usability, adjust the proposed features, and prepare a pitch deck, so you’d be fully prepared for product development.

Validate & Improve

Tangible results, right on schedule

2 days

for an estimate

2 weeks

for the prototype

3 months

for the MVP

Need your idea verified fast?


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See what our clients say!

The product design element in our initial workshop, alongside the rest of the team, was vital in helping us to shape our final product. Product design allowed us to quick identify what was missing in our user journeys and also how we wanted to create and formalise these journeys moving into production. The Niche team were very well versed on best practices and flexible in accommodating our wishes. Working with the product design team was a smooth and seamless partnership!
Robyn Nicholl
Co-Founder, Step
I found the bootcamp to be exactly what we needed at this phase of the startup. Niche’s team managed to balance between listening and adapting while being assertive and candid when needed. Their methodology and the ownership with which they approached the startup was exactly what I was looking for. I would feel confident when recommending them.
Pedro Rivera Torres Moir
Data management product
They helped us figure out a lot of things along the way. Our project manager was really invested in the app.
Acting CTO
AR Gaming Startup

Product Bootcamp will boost projects from any industry

Custom app development

At Niche, we recognise the importance of creating unique solutions, tailor-made just for you. We offer our custom app development services so that you could save time and money on avoiding unnecessary features and invest your resources in those that really matter instead. Join the Niche Product Bootcamp to uncover the full potential of your project and trust our engineers to bring your concept to life.

Not quite sure about Niche Product Bootcamps? See our FAQ.

If you can’t find your answer anywhere – don’t panic! Keep calm and reach out to one of our experts, we’ll be sure to help you in no time!

Product Bootcamp is a design sprint on steroids: we dedicate 4 full weeks to strategise, design, test, and adjust your idea according to the latest business trends and insightful research.

At Miquido, we put clients first. Not only ours but also yours. This means that in order to provide you with reliable information, we’ll carry out in-depth interviews with key stakeholders (i.e. you future customers), carefully analyse your competitors’ strategy, and dedicate our best design teams to create a clickable prototype.

The team involved throughout the entire Product Bootcamp will include product designers, product managers, UX researchers, Workshop facilitators, and other Miquido specialists if your concept needs it. This way we’ll be able to provide maximum effectiveness at every stage of the process. We strongly encourage you to actively participate in the entire process in order to get a better understanding of the current market situation and start planning future product growth.

Product Bootcamp will provide you with a priceless opportunity to look at your project from the perspective of the client, the competition, and the potential development team – a holistic experience at its best!

Together, we’ll build the vision of a product that people actually need and will be using for years to come. We’ll help you align your business needs to user expectations in order for your solution to conquer the market and your customers’ hearts from the first days upon its release.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to gain from this experience:

  • Market insight verification: get a broad understanding of the market and your potential users;
  • Vision & strategy: we’ll organise workshops to help define the actual challenge, build product strategy, prepare the roadmap, and create a solid value proposition;
  • Wireframes & a clickable prototype: by the end of these 4 weeks you’ll have a ready-made prototype based on user-tested wireframes;
  • User interviews report: we’ll take care of the testing, but you will have detailed reports packed with insightful information regarding user expectations coming straight from the source;
  • Key visual: by learning all there is to know about your goals and expectations, we’ll be able to put together intuitive UI concepts that will convey across the entire product;
  • Pitch deck: we’ll even provide you with a short yet effective presentation to help you communicate your idea to potential investors and customers!
  • Cost estimation: finally, based on the results of the research we’ll conduct as a part of your Product Bootcamp, our team will be able to provide you with a detailed evaluation of costs needed to complete the development of your product.

Yes! Our Product Bootcamp provides you with complete marketing analysis, product design, user testing, and a verified proof of concept. All that in short 4 weeks of intense cooperation and brainstorming!

It’s a perfect solution if you want to verify your idea fast and move on to product development ASAP with a clickable prototype and user-oriented designs at hand.

Of course! Niche has been organising remote product Bootcamps and specialty workshops long before it became a necessity. We are experienced in working across different time zones, and our project managers can handle any sort of unexpected occurrences.

Our only advice is for you to treat a remote Miquido Product Bootcamp as if you were on-site – with complete attention to the process. And we strongly encourage you to participate from a place with a good Internet connection via a laptop or PC (not a smartphone) for the best experience.

Just as in the case of software development, our Product Bootcamp services are highly individual in nature. That’s why it is problematic to provide even an estimated price of the general event. Everything depends on the number of team members involved from our side, the overall complexity of your idea, and the depth of research.

However, if you have an idea ready – get in touch and we’ll do our best to provide you with an estimate in 48 hours or less!

Want to talk about your project?