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Looking for a reliable partner to guide you through the entire software development process? What if we told you that you can get strategy, design and development services – all from one agency? At Niche, we like to keep things simple. We answer business challenges with custom-made software. Instead of managing separate vendors, you can focus on the important part – your business.

Why should you try Golang?

Wondering whether Go will be a good solution for your next project? This Google-created language can bring many benefits to the table, including but not limited to these:

It’s intuitive & compatible

As one of the newest programming languages, Go is well-suited to the requirements of modern hardware. Go-powered applications can be used within a number of operating systems and across various platforms. Go binaries can efficiently interoperate with external resources, like C libraries or Linux system functions. Moreover, Golang is a highly intuitive language, which allows developers to produce a clean and efficient code, speeding up the development process and shortening time to market.

It’s scalable & efficient

Golang is a great choice for complex projects that run at a high speed, as well as those projects that are meant to grow in the future. It relies on a number of built-in features that enable the reduction of memory usage. Moreover, it’s fully independent, as executables created with Go don’t rely on any external resources, making it more secure and easier to maintain than other languages. Thanks to its clean and easy-to-understand code, scaling Go-based applications is almost effortless!

It supports distributed network services

Golang enables the creation of functional network applications where data can be used by many people at the same time. Imagine multiple independent systems that can also effectively interact with each other. Distributed network services allow for sharing the load among different systems. Thanks to this feature, if any technical failures or system corruption appear in a distributed network, they won’t affect all systems, reducing downtime and facilitating general maintenance.

It handles microservices architecture

More and more companies are turning to microservice architecture. Golang is the perfect language to create it thanks to low overhead and no dependencies. With Go, developers can provide an architecture that will contain independent components, each of which can be written with a different technology. Thanks to microservices, even if a single module crashes, the rest of the application remains mostly unaffected. Seperate services are also easier to maintain and to scale if necessary.

It’s perfect for cloud-native apps

Due to its high portability and networking features, Golang handles deploying scalable cloud-native apps and exploits all the advantages of cloud computing particularly well. Not all legacy apps may be successfully matched with modern external resources and the modernization can become quite time-consuming, as well as risky and costly. This is why more and more companies are deciding to rewrite their software with the help of Golang for improved performance, robustness, safety, and scalability.


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What makes us a top Golang Development Company?

Niche is known for adopting new technologies before they go mainstream, and Go is no exception. This is why you can rest assured that our developers know exactly what they’re doing. And there’s more!

Complex solutions

As Golang specialists, we know how to write robust and efficient code. We know how to equip your app with functional features and keep it running fast. Our developers will provide you with end-to-end services, from an MVP, through user testing, all the way to the finished product.

GoGoConf organisation

Thought leadership can only be measured by the professionals’ willingness to share their expertise. To express our fascination with Go application development, we co-organised the GoGoConf – an event with top industry experts fully dedicated to Golang, contributing in the popularization of Go.

Qualified team of Go-experts

Niche is full of experienced specialists who create complex, scalable solutions for industry leaders. We provide our clients with extensive advisory services during prototyping and the product development process, and we also offer maintenance assistance after the application’s release.

Our expertise covers many industries

Flip through our latest projects

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We use the latest tech stack for your projects


  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • git
  • Redis
  • Kafka
  • Rabbit MQ
  • OpenAPI/Swagger


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Aurora
  • ElasticSearch

Cloud Services

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • ECS Fargate
  • CloudWatch

Testing / Debugging

  • K6
  • Rest Assured
  • Postman
  • Charles


  • Gin

Need an alternative? Try Node.js!

People often ask whether Golang is better than Node.js, and the truth is that we can’t give you a definite answer. It all depends on your development team and the scale of your project. But if you’re thirsty for some Go alternatives, Node.js is a solid choice. With it you can benefit from:

  • Synchronicity between front- and backend codes
  • Open source guides and free tutorials
  • Ready-made solutions
  • Rich packaged ecosystem
  • Lightweight solutions/li>
  • Scalability

… and more!

Other technologies we use

Want to go beyond Golang in your project? Check out other software solutions offered by Niche! Reach out to us and we’ll help you select the most fitting technology for you!


Upgrade your app's backend with Node.js development.


Get a powerful native application for android.


Invest in creating a user friendly IOS application.

Artificial Intelligence

Reach new business opportunities with Al and Machine Learning services.

Cloud Services

Create lightweight, scalable & easily accessible solutions in the cloud.

Custom Golang app development

Golang is the perfect choice if you need a customised application for your business. It ensures great performance and makes it easy to scale, develop or transform the app in the future. As using Go makes the development process fast and easy, the time-to-market for your product will be short. If there are specific requirements you want your app to meet, you should use a solution that guarantees a high level of reliability and security. Planning on ordering a custom app?

Our services reach beyond Golang development

Product Strategy

Shape your vision, ideation & strategy services

Product Design

Create an exceptional product application or polish your existing one

Web & Mobile

Stay ahead of the game with tailor-made mobile & web apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Reach new business opportunities with Al and Machine Learning services.

Cloud Services

Create lightweight, scalable & easily accessible solutions in the cloud.

Is custom app development for me?

What is custom app development? Simply put, bespoke software provides you with tailor-made application features that an out-of-the-box solution might not have. With custom app development, the functionalities and scope of your application are entirely up to you, so you can address your business needs quickly and efficiently. Check below to learn when custom app development services might be a good idea.

Choosing an out-of-the-box solution might sound like a more budget-friendly option at first, but turn out to be a failed investment in the long run. If you want your app to suit your business requirements exactly by having innovative and non-standard functionalities, it’s best to choose custom app development. That way, you make the most of your original idea without having to compromise on the application’s usability or looks.

Following the ever-changing market needs or satisfying your user’s skyrocketing expectations is impossible without stepping forward. If you wish to follow the latest tech trends to beat the competition and give your users a product to fall in love with, you need custom development services. There is no room for innovation in generic, out-of-the-shelf products.

Custom software development lets you create a product exactly like the one you imagined and boost your brand exposure. With custom development services comes a user-centered, brand-aware design, and there is no need to compromise on the look and feel of your application. An impeccable interface and a pitch-perfect user experience will make your product stand out from the crowd.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to data safety. If you plan for your application to process large amounts of data, or data that can be considered as sensitive (such as medical or financial info), it’s best to go for a custom-made digital product. There are a number of legal and technical factors in play when it comes to data protection. With an experienced vendor, you can rest assured that your product meets both your requirements and security standards.

A custom data strategy with dedicated analytics features helps you automate, optimise and plan your business operations with data-driven insights. Although some of the pre-made applications might include analytics options, they are most likely not the ones you need, extremely overpriced or poorly designed. Our dedicated Data Science team will help you pick Business Intelligence solutions that work for you.

Making the most of your application might not be easy with a pre-made solution. Your digital product should expand together with your audience, following your business growth. However, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to software development. A scalable solution that will work for you needs to be planned in advance, starting from data strategy, through the backend architecture and tech stack choice.

Out-of-the-box solutions are made to fit everyone’s basic needs, which means they are not a good choice if you have something more complex in mind. The right partner will see the bigger picture, helping you pick the right tech stack to support your idea.

If you are expecting your application to be very popular, you should include it in your long-term strategy and start planning for that at the early stages of app development. Pre-made products are inflexible and difficult to scale, which makes them unsuitable for businesses that expect large audiences. A bespoke solution answers your expectations directly and can easily be tailored to your growing needs in the future.

It’s good to keep in mind that out-of-the-box solutions might have limited integration possibilities. If you need your application to be synchronised with outside systems, such as ones used internally in your company, you are going to need a bespoke solution instead of a pre-made one.

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