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Frontend technologies we use

Browse through the technologies we use for our frontend development services and choose the one that fits your business needs and project goals best


Focus on your users’ experience and build web apps with stunning responsive interfaces with React. If you are looking for a mature, dependable, and secure frontend framework, this is the one for you. React is a high-quality tool used for frontend development by giants like Facebook and PayPal, dominating the market since 2015. Its primary focus is user interface, which results in attractive and highly interactive designs. Also, development with React is generally considered flexible and practically limitless compared to other technologies.


Follow the example of worldwide brands such as Google, Samsung, or Forbes, and create a complex web solution with Angular. One of its main advantages is exceptional out-of-the-box usability. Since Angular comes with a wide set of pre-made features, it speeds up the development process and allows you to release your product faster while also reducing its costs. Also, Angular is widely recognized as the most consistent of frontend technologies because it allows programmers to develop a module or a component in a commonly used way. Therefore, code written with Angular is generally clean and easy-to-understand for other developers.


Choose Vue.js to craft lightweight web solutions with delightful user interface design. Built and supported entirely by the developer community, Vue.js is a highly flexible, scalable and adaptable technology, which lets you create modern frontend solutions without going all-in with your funds. Vue-based apps are smaller in size but still perform well compared to other frontend frameworks. Importantly, Vue.js was crafted to be future-proof. Choosing it for your frontend development will make it easier to maintain and support your app for years to come, as all its updates are focused on backwards compatibility.


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Frontend for web app development

Does your web application need a frontend? The frontend of your web application is everything your users see and interact with. It is responsible for displaying interfaces and setting up the best user experience by organising and styling the components of your page. On top of that, frontend development can help your web application to work behind the scenes as a content management tool, etc.

Frontend for mobile app development

In many cases, having both mobile and web applications is better for your business strategy. Quite often, a simplified mobile solution drives users to a more advanced website or the other way around (think Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). If you need both a mobile and a web app, you are going to use frontend development services for both. Your vendor should help you pick the best tech stack to ensure easy integration and compatibility between the two. But did you know you can also use website panels to manage your mobile frontend solution?

How to choose the right frontend technology for your app


If you wish to build a large application or plan on expanding your app significantly over the years, go with Angular or React. Thanks to TypeScript, React is less prone to regressions in the future.

User interface

All three build attractive UI easily. If you are OK with a generic interface, Angular has built-in Material Design options. But if you’re into more creative, brand-aware interfaces, Vue.js is for you.

Time to market

If your top priority is releasing your app to the market as fast as possible, consider using Vue.js or Angular. Both offer a variety of built-in tools, speeding up the development process.

Community support

Tech giants support both React and Angular, so they are regularly improved. Even though Vue is the only community-driven framework, it still is extremely popular and rich in resources.

Application performance

All three technologies have exceptional results here. Vue.js is known for its exceptional results when it comes to smaller applications so it will be particularly good for you if that’s the case.

Application size

If building a lightweight application is important to you, React or Vue.js are perfect for frontend development. Angular is considered to be the ‘heaviest’ of the three technologies.

Cross-platform options

If you need both a mobile and a web app, consider using React. Its cross-platform sibling, React Native, lets you use the logic of the mobile to build a web solution and speed up the development.

Your company’s size

Angular is good for enterprises and large businesses with long-term development plans. If you’re a startup or a smaller company, go with Vue.js – a perfect choice for simpler frontend solutions.

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Niche was engaged throughout the project and responded well to the expeditious timeline. They were proactive in project management and understood the requirements and challenges.
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Niche is dedicated to the customer. Their sales team takes care of the client. They regularly ask how the project is going.

Technology stack


  • Angular, RxJS
  • React, Redux
  • Vue, Vuex


  • GraphQL
  • WebSocket


  • SASS
  • LESS


  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Zeplin


  • Jest, Selenium
  • BrowserStack
  • Google Lighthouse

Cloud Services

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud

We’ll take care of your app from start to finish

Scoping & estimation

Understanding your project idea

First we identify the scope of the project and take our time to go through your requirements, business plans and expectations. Afterwards, we discuss the features you want your AI solution to have, and estimate the complexity of the whole project. This part of the process will help you choose the appropriate tech services required to support your idea. When we’re done with that, we’ll be able to give you a general quotation and development schedule.

Scoping & estimation

Workshops & preparation

Sharpening the vision and discussing the details

In order to better understand your business needs, we prepare a series of Workshops with our Data Scientists and Data Engineers. During those meetings, we will go through all your requirements, describe the available Artificial Intelligence solutions that would fit the project, as well as software packages and data infrastructure to help you polish your idea and pick the right strategy.
Workshops & preparation

Design & development

Bringing your project idea into reality

This phase begins with data collection, consolidation and processing to get it correctly formatted and ready for modeling. After that, we choose an algorithm suitable for your modelling case, which will be used to train the model with available data. The development process is iterative, as it is based on refined and repeated modelling to make certain that the solution we chose is the best for your specific case. The length of this phase depends on the project size and complexity.
Design & development

Product release

Bringing your product to the market

The big day has come – your product is ready to be released! As soon as it goes live, we manage the deployment and release it under the agreed infrastructure. Time is of essence during this stage, so we make sure that every element of the system is released on schedule and works seamlessly. After the product is brought to the market, you can still count on our ongoing support.
Product release

Maintenance & support

Taking good care of your product

Building long-term relationships with our clients is what Niche is all about. Your digital product is released, but this doesn’t mean the journey ends here. If there are any additional features you’d like to add, some changes that you want to make or simply want us to take care of maintenance, we’re ready to be of assistance. Also, if you’d like to transfer the project to your in-house team, then we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly.
Maintenance & support

Custom frontend app development

Struggling with finding a solution that fits your needs perfectly? Choose custom app development! We build our frontend solutions from scratch, carrying out detailed market research, gathering data-based insights, and studying your needs and business goals carefully to provide a solution that fits you like a glove.

It’s more than just an app – it’s an all-in-one business product ready to be deployed. Get ready for your brand to stand out with a recognizable modern design. Adjust and adapt as your business grows thanks to our products’ high scalability and flexibility. Launch as soon as possible with the development schedule and budget adjusted specifically to your business plan. No useless features, but a product that is created just for you.

Want to know more about frontend development?

Browse through the most frequently asked questions to help you decide on the right frontend development technology for your project

Frontend, also known as “client-side” programming, is everything a user sees and interacts with in your application. Nowadays, frontend development is often used as a synonym for “web development”.

Backend, on the other hand, also called “server-side” programming, is what happens on the server and in the database. It’s the hardware and applications that power the features users interact with on the client-side of your app behind the scenes.

Both Angular and React have excellent community support and are backed by two tech giants – Google and Facebook.

React is considered a better option for smaller businesses and startups that search for simpler or smaller frontend solutions. A large number of developers specialise in React, which makes it a good pick if you’re planning to build an in-house team later.

On the other hand, coding with Angular is generally faster, as it offers many various built-in tools for developers to use. Also, TypeScript makes it less prone to errors.

Both options work well for smaller businesses and simpler frontend applications. React is backed by Facebook, with updates and fixes coming regularly, but community support behind Vue.js is also very rich.

If you’re planning to search for an in-house team in the future, it shouldn’t be difficult with any of these frameworks. Many developers specialise in React, while Vue has a low entry threshold, which makes it quite easy to learn.

One of the main differences between applications built with Angular and those created with Vue.js is their size. Vue is known for lightweight frontend solutions, while Angular-based apps are generally heavier. As a result, Vue is recommended for smaller and simpler solutions, and Angular performs best at large-scale, advanced frontend solutions. Keep in mind that Angular is backed by Google, which means frequent updates and improvements.

Put simply, frontend development is responsible for how the app looks and feels for its users. It’s basically everything your users can see, scroll, click on, etc.

Although frontend focuses strongly on user interface, it is not directly connected with the process of designing your application. You need UI and UX designers to come up with your app looks and feels. Designs created that way can then be coded and ‘translated’ into a frontend application by a team of frontend developers.

Also, remember that frontend development doesn’t include the business logic of your application. Tasks such as data storage or processing are performed on the server by the backend application. Without a backend, your web app is nothing but something to look at without actually being able to interact with.

It requires different skill sets and different tools to create backend and frontend applications. That’s why your team needs to include both backend and frontend developers. One way to go around it is to hire a full-stack developer who can be responsible for both sides of the code.

At Niche, we offer frontend, backend, and design services, so you get a fully functional beautiful web application!

There are no set price tags when it comes to software development. Especially when we’re talking about custom-made apps. However, a large number of software houses, including Miquido, estimate their work in man-days (using the time-and-materials model). One man-day equals one day’s worth of a specialist’s work. Generally, the longer it takes to develop your frontend application, the more it’s going to cost.

The time a development team will spend on each application largely depends on its overall complexity, so, unfortunately, there isn’t a “one size fit all” answer here. Our team always drafts the development schedule and prepares the estimated time and costs in the initial phase of each project, so that you can adjust your budget and schedule beforehand.

If you’re searching for an acclaimed software agency in Central Europe, it’s safe to assume an average rate for one man-day of development will be about 320 GBP. Please keep in mind that this rate is an approximation and the actual numbers may vary depending on your project, the origin of the development team, and other factors.

Moreover, note that all the additional costs will be charged as extra. Design, project management, setting up a backend environment, or app maintenance is usually billed separately. The scope of these additional services is often decided before the project starts and depends on your needs and resources.

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