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It takes lots of effort, planning and research to create an app that succeeds. We want to take the work off your shoulders. Our Android team rated number one on Clutch combines in-depth research, outstanding design and impeccable development to create applications that astound users and bring measurable business results. Focus on what’s important to your business, and let us do the rest.


What makes Niche a top Android development company?

Are you struggling to find a solution that fits your expectations perfectly? Choose our custom app development services and build your app with an Android team rated number one on Clutch. We create digital products from scratch, starting with deep market research, and studying your needs and business goals carefully to offer you a solution that fits like a glove. What is there to gain? Excellent design to help you stand out from the competition and build a strong brand. Scalability and flexibility that lets you adjust your product as your business grows. No all-fits-one features, but a product that is tailor-made for you. Development schedule and budget adjusted to your business plan. Full application support and maintenance. And that’s just to name a few!

One-stop Android development agency

A great idea is important, but it takes more to build an excellent mobile app. Choose our all-in-one Android development services and hire a team that takes care of everything that your app needs to succeed. Strategy and market research to sharpen your vision, outstanding product designs to delight your users. Foolproof app development and maintenance for excellent stability and performance. All in one place.

Experts in Java and Kotlin development

When it comes to native Android development, there are two technologies that matter: Java and Kotlin. Older applications are usually written in Java, but most of the new ones are created with Kotlin. Our developers are fluent in both, and with each case, they choose the stack carefully to deliver top-notch applications, made to fit specific business needs. Whether you wish to write a brand new app or spruce up the one you already have, we help you choose the right tech solution.

Android applications recognised worldwide

You don’t want to put your project in inexperienced hands. Our Android team is top-rated on Clutch, and with over 10 years of practice in Android application development, we have gained the trust of world-renowned brands such as Skyscanner, HelloFresh, Aviva, BNP Paribas, or Herbalife. We create beautiful, top-performing Android apps for industries like e-commerce, banking, music, and travel.

Cross-platform options

If you’re thinking about building an app for both Android and iOS, you will face a crucial decision. Should you develop two native apps, or just one that will work on both platforms? We’re here to make sure you choose the right approach! If you pick cross-platform over native Android application development, we can take care of that, too. Our team excels in building apps with the two most popular cross-platform frameworks: Flutter and React Native.


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Why choose native Android app development?

Why is it worth building a native application for Android? See our reasons to make a well-informed choice.

Unique user experience

If one of your top goals is to create an Android application that delivers excellent, platform-specific user experience, it’s best to pick native development. When it comes to Android native development, it’s easier and faster to develop certain platform-specific features that may affect the UX. Also, keep in mind that smooth and fast performance of a native application makes the user experience more satisfying.

Native Android features

Planning to equip your app with functions like biometrics, geolocation, or features based on Bluetooth connection? The more native features your Android app needs, the better to go for the native product. Even seemingly simple functionalities such as push notifications tend to perform better within native applications.

Dependability and support

As native languages are more mature than cross-platform ones, they are generally more dependable as well, when it comes to community support or available resources. Also, if you’re thinking about expanding your app over the years, native development is a future-proof choice. Both Kotlin and Java are well-supported languages with rich ecosystems, offering a wide variety of open-source libraries, patterns or articles.

Stability and performance

Native Android development equals stable performance. Native SDKs and platforms for Android have been around for over 10 years, which makes them well-optimised and battle-tested. There are plenty of development and testing tools available, and it’s easy to find solutions to most problems that may arise during the development.

In-house transfer options

If you plan to transfer the project to in-house in the future, it’s a good idea to go for native development. It might be more challenging to find skilled cross-platform developers, while building your own team of native Android developers shouldn’t pose a big problem.

Sound promising? Let’s discuss your project!

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform application development allows you to create apps that run across multiple device platforms, using just one codebase. If you…

  • want to build a uniform application
  • have a limited project budget
  • wish to enter the market fast…

… you should consider our cross-platform development services.

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Our partners on our Android development services

Thinking about creating your own application? See what our clients say about working with us.

Niche performed very well and made helpful suggestions and adjustments throughout the project to ensure its success.
Niche was engaged throughout the project and responded well to the expeditious timeline. They were proactive in project management and understood the requirements and challenges.
Kevin B.
Project Manager, Skyscanner
They go above and beyond for us. I know that their business is based on relationships and personal referrals, which is the best way to build a company.
Elley B.

Our tech stack


  • MVP or MVVM
  • RxJava 3 or Kotlin Coroutines
  • Dagger 2 or Koin
  • Retrofit and Room
  • Glide or Picasso


  • Fastlane
  • Docker
  • TeamCity
  • Gitlab
  • AWS


  • JUnit, Mockito
  • Espresso
  • Charles


  • LeakCanary
  • Firebase Crashlytics


  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Zeplin

We’ll take care of your app from start to finish

Scoping & estimation

Understanding your project idea

First we identify the scope of the project and take our time to go through your requirements, business plans and expectations. Afterwards, we discuss the features you want your AI solution to have, and estimate the complexity of the whole project. This part of the process will help you choose the appropriate tech services required to support your idea. When we’re done with that, we’ll be able to give you a general quotation and development schedule.

Scoping & estimation

Workshops & preparation

Sharpening the vision and discussing the details

In order to better understand your business needs, we prepare a series of Workshops with our Data Scientists and Data Engineers. During those meetings, we will go through all your requirements, describe the available Artificial Intelligence solutions that would fit the project, as well as software packages and data infrastructure to help you polish your idea and pick the right strategy.
Workshops & preparation

Design & development

Bringing your project idea into reality

This phase begins with data collection, consolidation and processing to get it correctly formatted and ready for modeling. After that, we choose an algorithm suitable for your modelling case, which will be used to train the model with available data. The development process is iterative, as it is based on refined and repeated modelling to make certain that the solution we chose is the best for your specific case. The length of this phase depends on the project size and complexity.
Design & development

Product release

Bringing your product to the market

The big day has come – your product is ready to be released! As soon as it goes live, we manage the deployment and release it under the agreed infrastructure. Time is of essence during this stage, so we make sure that every element of the system is released on schedule and works seamlessly. After the product is brought to the market, you can still count on our ongoing support.
Product release

Maintenance & support

Taking good care of your product

Building long-term relationships with our clients is what Niche is all about. Your digital product is released, but this doesn’t mean the journey ends here. If there are any additional features you’d like to add, some changes that you want to make or simply want us to take care of maintenance, we’re ready to be of assistance. Also, if you’d like to transfer the project to your in-house team, then we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly.
Maintenance & support

Custom Android app development

Choose our custom app development services and build your app with an Android team rated number one on Clutch. We create digital products from scratch, starting with deep market research, and studying your needs and business goals carefully to offer you a solution that fits like a glove.

What is there to gain? Excellent design to help you stand out from the competition and build a strong brand. Scalability and flexibility that lets you adjust your product as your business grows. No all-fits-one features, but a product that is tailor-made for you. Development schedule and budget adjusted to your business plan. Full application support and maintenance. And that’s just to name a few!

Want to know more about Android app development?

Have an app idea in mind? Browse the questions our clients most often ask and find out all you need to know about Android development services.

Do I want a cross-platform app, or a native one? Will I need design services as well?

  • What do I expect from my Android development vendor?
  • How much time do I have? What is my budget?
  • Am I going to create my in-house team later on?

One thing that distinguishes a trustworthy vendor is an open, holistic approach. Whatever your idea is, they should be able to help you identify the weak links of the project, offer a technology that is going to fit your needs best, and stay proactive to suggest changes or improvements.

No simple answer here. As usually, it all depends on your needs and expectations. For example, if you wish to release two uniform apps to the market as soon as possible and have a limited project budget, it’s smart to consider cross-platform development. However, if time is not of the essence in your case, and you want to focus on platform-specific features in each of your apps, native development might be a better option.

Generally speaking, Kotlin is considered to be a more modern choice – all the newer Android applications are created in this language. Also, Kotlin applications are considered to be smaller, more lightweight and faster compared to the ones written in Java. However, there are still a number of great applications that are written entirely in Java – mostly older, monolith-type ones. Luckily, Kotlin is compatible with Java. So if you already have an app written in Java that needs modernisation, you don’t need to rewrite it entirely to add new features in Kotlin.

Each platform has its pros and cons, but it’s good to consider a few factors when thinking about which one to choose to begin with. Obviously, each case is different and it’s best to seek your vendors advice before you make a final decision.

Firstly, think about your audience’s geographic and demographic profile when deciding which platform to develop for first. You might be surprised how many differences there are between countries, age groups or professional preferences. For example, iOS is more popular in the USA, while Android peaks in India.

Second, consider your budget and time limitations. What is your desired time to market and what are your funds? It might turn out developing your app will be cheaper and take less time for iOS, or, on the contrary – that you can develop an MVP for both platforms equally fast. The right vendor should be able to advise on the best solution in your case. 

Third – what is your target revenue? If you’re looking to maximise your profits from the start, it might be smart to choose iOS development first. Statistics show that iOS users tend to earn more and spend more as well, which might help you reach your target sooner.

AI solutions are being implemented in a variety of different industries, but there are some that artificial intelligence has helped to truly revolutionise. One of the most obvious examples is the finance industry, where artificial intelligence solutions are used to ensure the safety of transactions, prevent credit card fraud and perform risk assessments with more detail. The industry has also benefited immensely from AI-based customer behaviourl analysis.

When it comes to profiting society as a whole, the most important use of AI has to be in the healthcare industry. With the aid of machine learning, medical professionals are able to make more informed diagnosis and choose personalised treatments for their patients. AI-powered medical imaging is also helping to diagnose serious conditions faster and with more accuracy.

The development of AI solutions has also hugely benefited the retail industry, where recommendation systems have helped to massively increase sales (as in, for example, the case of Amazon). E-commerce is perhaps also the industry that gained the most from the use of chatbots, as they’ve helped to improve and simplify customer service.


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